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Tank Trouble 3

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Whether if you are fond of action games, then go to Tank Trouble 3, an extended version of Tank Trouble. It’s just an amazing shooting action game that is available for all kinds of age people. Its each level is completely interesting and creative too, specially the force tanks and large explosives. If you want to the winner in this game, then it’s time to pay an extra attention and efforts to become a king of it. No worries, if you are new to it. We are here to guide you in a proper way from scratch so that you will be able to play it easily. The best thing of this game is that 3 players can play it at the same time. The basic theme of this game is to weaken the evil powers. Evil powers will send their forces to kill the innocent people and you just have to finish that force tanks by paying an extra attention and efforts and you can get scores higher. You will get the energy trucks in addition, though which you will be able to destroy them easily. This game basically consists 40 levels in total and 5 difficulty modes as well that you have to complete with an additional brain force to become a winner for this game. You will an extra score, though passing the difficulty modes and energy tanks as well that will help you to finish the evil forces. You just need to focus on the Game, its rules and controls. Different players will have different controls and options if they will play a same game on same time. Basic Steps to Play: 1) Choose the Player mode, whether it is 2 or 3 ; 2) When you destroy Evil tanks, you will get a score for each and energy tanks too. ; 3) Press Arrow Keys to control your tank while during shooting press M key. It’s totally simple and there is no limit to the points. You can earn as maximum as you want. So have a chance and become a winner.

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